Shape Sprout?

So how’d we come up with the name Shape Sprout? Most little girls like flowers, right? Well, I can tell you for certain that Kari the Shape Fairy sure does. Just last week she decided to get the bag of potting soil out (by herself mind you) and plant some bell pepper seeds we had laying around…half the bag…because she wanted to make sure they didn’t get lonely. She’s pretty excited about the game, and so am I. She may not like messes very much, but even if you are Kari the Shape Fairy, planting real seeds with real dirt gets just a little messy.

Shape Sprout production

As of this time, Nik is working on the app “Shape Sprout”.  We are excited about it and hope after the creation and testing that you like it also.  Stay tuned for more from Nik as he works on the application!