Teaching a monkey to fly

There is a LOT that goes into the development of an app of any kind. Especially games. You’ve got to put together a plan of what your game is going to do and how it’s going to do it, figure out what kinds of media you will need for it, then collect or create the graphics, sound effects and music then FINALLY you get around to the fun part…the coding! For just two people, that is a lot of work. My strength tends to lie in the logical and less so on the artistic side. Luckily, we have the awesome music of Kevin MacLeod available to use, royalty free might I add, in our games. It’s the same with the sound effects from freeSFX. Although, finding the right music and sound effects to match the mood can be a bit of a challenge. So that leaves just the graphics…did I mention my strength is NOT in the arts? I’ve learned a lot about animations and whatnot over the last few months as our new game Shape Sprout has a TON more graphics than Shape Sense…by a long shot. I liken this to teaching a monkey to fly. Most people would probably say the monkey is falling. I prefer to take the more positive stance that he’s not falling; more like he’s falling rather gracefully.