Shape Sprout Update

So after a bit of planning, configuring and development(a little over 2 months), “Shape Sprout” our second game is starting to take shape.  Pun intended!  I was able to take some screen shots of the game.  In the screen shots, I tried to get as much variety as I could.  Just realize the game is only 75% complete.  The pictures show the menu screen, Kari planting flowers, a rainstorm, drought and the flowers being harvested.  We are really excited for everyone to play the game.  Once we have released it to the App store, Google play store and Amazon App store, we will send out an announcement. It will even be available to play on Facebook! Let us know what you think of the pictures!

Michael and Nik

IMG_0385IMG_0386IMG_0361IMG_0392IMG_0396IMG_0395IMG_0394IMG_0362IMG_0363IMG_0389IMG_0390IMG_0388IMG_0391    IMG_0387