Thank you, Spriter

I know full well my artistic skill are quite lacking and I’m okay with that. You can learn to do just about anything by putting a little elbow grease to it. This is one thing us Indie Devs excel at.  If we don’t know how to do something, we figure it out. I love the art styles of FF3 (FF6 for you purists) on the SNES and Odin Sphere on the PS2. One of these days I’ll get up to that level. While working on our current game, Shape Sprout, the main character, Kari the Shape Fairy (who is voiced by my 5yr old daughter BTW)  needed some…uh…tweaking. I believe one of the comments was something to the effect that her eyes creeped someone out and make them think of zombies. NOT the image we want to portray. I had spent a LONG time in GIMP working on each frame of the animation and was wondering how the heck I was going to redo each frame within a decent time frame.  There had to be an easier way. Enter Spriter! Thank you @GillisLLC for mentioning it in a Tweet. I have to say I’m very excited about this program, it gives you the same armature/bone control you have in programs like Blender but focuses it on the 2D realm. Now, creating sprite sheets for our games is a snap! All I have to do is get better with my artistic ability. I highly suggest taking a look at it, it is still in beta so there are some bugs (nothing major so far), but I see a LOT of potential in this program.  Give Spriter by BrashMonkey your support if you can, it’s only $25 to get an early adopter license. Price goes up when they announce the release of the full version. They DO have a free version that works great, just some of the features are disabled.

So, here was the first stab at Kari the Shape Fairy…okay, so the eyes do look a little creepy…

Shape Fairy v1
First stab at Kari the Shape Fairy

And here she is with a few tweaks.  Eyes don’t stand out quite as much anymore and the dress looks a bit bitter but I still am not 100% happy with the hair, but I think overall it is better.

Shape Fairy v2
Updated version of Kari the Shape Fairy

And this is Miss Shape Fairy in Spriter with armature/bones defined 🙂

Shape Fairy in Spriter!
Using Spriter to create animations