Some final thoughts about “Shape Sprout”

“Shape Sprout” is now live on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play StoreApple App Store and on Facebook! We are constantly learning new things every time we work on an app and at the same time, we find more ideas for other apps!  Apple took a little longer to approve our app this go around than it did last time…10 days. Amazon was only a day or two and Google and Facebook were pretty much same day. All in all, I thought the development of this app went exceptionally smooth. Very few bumps in the road from the development side…I just have to get my artistic ability up to par. Practice, practice, practice! And of course having Kari record audio for our games is such a blast; she always makes me laugh. We’ve already started development on the next app; it’s called “Jumble Attack” and is based on the hot air balloon event that happens in “Shape Sprout”. We decided on a bit simpler app this go around because we are changing how we are doing a few things and wanted to focus on getting those ironed out while still making a fun game to play. We’ve decided to go the in-app store route to allow people to purchase an ad-free gaming experience instead of having two versions of our game.  This should make maintenance a whole lot easier. Also, there will be some communications between our app and our web server. This is something we’ll use in later apps and wanted to see if we could find a good way to do that. We decided on doing HTTPS + encrypted data…then realized we have to get an ERN from the government before we could legally make an app available that implemented encryption or even used HTTPS. This was a surprise to us. Curious how to get your ERN? I’ll be posting how I did that very soon. The whole process only took about 2 days which is saying something when the government is involved. Onward and upward!