Wrapping up Jumble Attack

This app was a particularly fun little project to work on for me. We introduced three new technologies as the main goal of this project was to figure out how to use those three technologies while still making a fun little game we could distribute. There were a lot of assets we were able to reuse from Shape Sprout so it made that part of the project go much more quickly. For our previous app, Shape Sprout, we included ads into our game using AdBuddiz which was relatively painless. For Jumble Attack, we added in-app purchases, data encryption and app-to-web server communication. The in-app purchases I think took the most time as they had to work on three different platforms: Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. Each platform has a different way of allowing you to test those purchases without generating a real monetary transaction. Amazon seems to have given us the most trouble as the 3rd party plug in we were using, SOOMLA, has some issues with Amazon on their most recent update. We just went back to a previous version and all was well in the world. SOOMLA is actually pretty straightforward when integrating with the Unity platform and I have really enjoyed it so far, you can’t complain much for an open source plugin like this.  The setup required to make the in-app transactions happen can become pretty confusing; pretty soon I’ll have three new blogs on how to setup a store in Unity for each of the platforms, how we did the encryption and what we did to make the app-to-web site communications happen…including the extra steps you have to take when you want app-to-web site communications when playing your game through the Unity Web Player.  All very interesting stuff. We are in the last stages of testing Jumble Attack and hope to have it in the app stores very soon. We already know what our next project is going to be, so if you like cards, we know you’ll like Kung Pow Cards!