Some final thoughts about “Jumble Attack”

“Jumble Attack” is now live on the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Apple Appstore and Facebook! From cradle to grave this little app took us about a month and a half to complete which isn’t too bad considering some of the new technologies we introduced into our game along with the authorizations we had to get from the government. I was a little concerned about the restrictions Apple places on their apps as it is sometimes difficult to get approval, but the approval went through the first time…it still took a good 7 days though from submissions until they approved it. Now that we’ve figured out how to encrypt data, include in-app purchases and communicate with a web server, we can concentrate on the content in our next game rather than how to make the technology work. We are pretty excited about our next project, but it is a lot larger than anything we’ve done thus far. If you like card games with a twist, stay tuned for more info about our next project, Kung Pow Cards!