So, whats going on with Kung Pow Cards?

We’ve been head deep working on our next app, Kung Pow Cards so it’s been a while since anything has been posted. This app is quite a bit larger and more challenging than any of our other ones to date, but the challenge is half the fun! Lots of parts and pieces are going into making Kung Pow Cards…a bit more complex than I anticipated in some areas. We are implementing push notifications via the app42 plugin for Unity and there is a ton of backend work required to setup push notifications on both Android and iOS. app42 has TONS of plugins not just for Unity but for other platforms as well…and they have a free version just for us Indie devs! Up to this point, we’ve worked out most of the game design and rules, designed and implemented a pretty good backbone to the database…we have created about 17 tables and only minor changes have had to be made up to this point, implemented a working push notification test on Android devices, created about 70% of the graphical assets, implemented around 25% of the PHP web services and implemented around 20% of the code in Unity. We haven’t implemented anything SOOMLA yet for our purchases, but we did implement it in our last game, so we have a pretty good handle on how that all works. When the app is closer to being finished, we’ll post a few pictures. We are very excited about this project and the multiplayer gameplay it will allow players to experience!