Kung Pow Cards – Milestone 1…Done!

So…what does that mean exactly? It means we’ve implemented a certain set of basic features and functionality of the game and have tested them to be working across both Android and iOS devices.

“Oh, so you are almost done then?”

AH HA HA HA…AH HA HA HA HA…..sniff…..no. But we are getting there fairly quickly. The features we’ve implemented so far are for the basic operation of one part of the game…managing your profile and everything that goes with it. We didn’t say this was your standard run-of-the-mill card game of War/Battle now did we? So what exactly was implemented in Milestone 1? When playing Kung Pow Cards (KPC for short), you will spend most of your time either on the Camp screen or on the Playing Mat. The Camp screen and anything needed to implement its features (such as profile creation) is what we are focusing on at the moment. challengesScreenShotThe Camp screen has multiple sections that will allow you to see various pieces of information. One of these sections is called the Profile section which allows you to see attributes of your profile such as how your journey to the top is progressing. Another section is the Skill Book section which allows you to decide which skill cards you want to take into the next game. And the Challenges section will let you see what challenges have been received, which ones you’ve sent out to other people and if there is one you can join right now. There are quite a few other sections as well on the Camp screen that I’ll talk about as the game’s development progresses. For this to all work together, a communications framework had to be setup to allow the devices to “talk” to each other so they knew who was online, offline and busy in another match, what challenges they had, who was waiting for them to join them right now on the playing mat, etc.. This communication framework also gives us the ability to setup various events that happen on a global or personal scale. i.e. Receive 2x more coins if you play during this weekend.

Granted we can’t play an actual game of War just yet (that will be milestone 2 BTW), it gives us the ability to test out matchmaking based on players ranks and to synchronize the players once they enter the playing mat.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day…