Wrapping up Kung Pow Cards

We’ve just released Kung Pow Cards on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

I can say this project has certainly been a much more complex journey than any of the projects I’ve done so far. Our initial plan was to have KPC out within about 10 months from paper design to the stores, it ended up taking us closer to 15 months as we hit some snags along the way. We worked on the design itself for a good couple of weeks and I feel it was pretty solid; we didn’t have any major changes that deviated from the design. While testing an early version of KPC, we realized that Push Notifications aren’t guaranteed to be delivered to the device…and Push Notifications were going to be the primary means of communication during a game. We had already decided we were going to make a custom game server to handle app communications on a future game we were going to design, but needed to move that timeline up so KPC could use that as its primary form of communications instead of Push Notifications. So began the journey of getting that setup. The version of Unity we use to create these apps doesn’t support network communications like we needed it to so I had to create native plugins for both iOS and Android along with a PC version so things could be tested. I imagine that is what set us back the furthest in our timeline, luckily most all the functionality we needed had already been created and only the framework for the Client/Server needed to be created. As a bonus, the app runs much more smoothly using our custom game server. Also during testing, we noticed some parts of the KPC UI seemed a little cluttered so we decided to re-skin them…even though that took a little time to do, I’m glad we did. At the moment, we are in a support phase, just watching things to see how they run on the server.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our new game, Kung Pow Cards. if you like card games, why not give it a try?